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Diversity in STEM and Lab Leadership Scholarship Fund

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Our goal

The general fund's primary purpose is to financially support the eLABorate Topics Lab Professional Scholarship and the Trendy Elite Standout Leader Award. It aims to provide scholarships to minority students in the medical/clinical laboratory field and minority women in STEM areas where they are underrepresented. The general fund would not only provide financial assistance but also serve as a beacon of encouragement and support for aspiring professionals in fields where they are traditionally underrepresented. It aligns with Trendy Elite's broader mission of promoting leadership, diversity, and professional growth in healthcare and STEM fields. 1. eLABorate Topics Lab Professional Scholarship: This scholarship is inspired by the recognition of a significant gap in representation within pathology and laboratory medicine. It is created to honor the vision of the eLABorate Topics Podcast Founders; Tywauna Wilson, Lona Small, and Stephanie Whitehead whose mission is to break barriers, create opportunity, and inspire a new generation of medical laboratory professionals to excel inside and outside of the laboratory. The scholarship aims to continue this legacy by supporting minority students who show promise and dedication but may face socio-economic challenges that limit their access to education and opportunities in this field. The necessity arises from the ongoing underrepresentation of minorities in medical laboratory professions. This scholarship aims to address this disparity by providing financial support and encouragement, thereby fostering diversity, inclusion, and innovation in the laboratory sciences. 2. Trendy Elite Standout Leader Award: This award is inspired by Trendy Elite's founder and President, Tywauna Wilson, who, despite facing significant challenges and underrepresentation, has made remarkable contributions to STEM and being a champion in the medical laboratory and healthcare industry. This award is a tribute to her resilience in overcoming being the first in her family to go and graduate from college to becoming a leading authority in her industry where there is limited diversity in key leadership roles. Her commitment to excellence, mentorship, and professional development aims to support women from underrepresented to have opportunities they may not otherwise have. The rationale for this award is the critical need to support and encourage minority women to pursue STEM degrees where they are notably underrepresented. It addresses the barriers these women often face, such as lack of mentorship, financial constraints, and limited recognition, thereby promoting greater gender and ethnic diversity in STEM fields.

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Tywauna Wilson1 month ago

Support future leaders in the medical laboratory and STEM!

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