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Dickerson-Vielot Scholarship Fund

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Temel Dickerson and Nadja Vielot
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    Temel Dickerson And Nadja Vielot


    Jordan Cates


    Alison Singer


    Eboneé Butler


    David And Vicky Freund


Our goal

Temel Dickerson and Nadja Vielot are excited to support individuals seeking to further their educations and careers. Their first scholarship through, the Thadford Dickerson and Paula Schuman Scholar Award, launched January 2024, and will provide two $2,000 scholarships to first generation, low-income students seeking post-secondary education in the public service and healthcare fields. With your support, we can keep the Dickerson-Schuman award active in perpetuity, and can potentially create other scholarships to serve a wider variety of students and areas of study.

Comments from contributors 13

Temel Dickerson And Nadja Vielot1 month ago

Cash donations received from our generous wedding guests!

Eboneé Butler1 month ago

To support Nadja and Mel's mission

David And Vicky Freund1 month ago

looking forward to your wedding and wishing all of the best.

Jess And Drü Giles1 month ago

To help spread opportunity and hope.

Rebecca Rubinstein1 month ago

Donating in honor of Nadja Vielot, who has been my biggest supporter during my phd and a brilliant and inspiring scientist and mentor in her own right!

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