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Diana Wagner was a community driven activist in Fernley, Nevada where she lived with her kids and husband. Diana spent her time organizing the local children's soccer league, leading scout activities, lobbying for bike lanes, and managing P.T.A. groups. She was dedicated to improving her community for the future generations. Diana passed away in 2006. This fund is aimed at raising money for a scholarship in Diana's name, awarded to students dedicated to community involvement. Our fundraising goal is to be able to fund four $500 scholarships each year.
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Comments from contributors 6

Stefany Barba1 month ago

Congratulations! So happy to see your special day!

Nick And Sarah Beaudette1 month ago

Congratulations Amy and Mike!

Haley Billey1 month ago

We’re so happy for Amy and Mike! We can’t wait to spend a wonderful day with you both ❤️

Janice Marshall3 months ago

My contribution is made to honor one of the strongest, hardworking women that I have ever known, Diana Skinner Wagner.

Chelsea Rice3 months ago

In honor of — and celebrating — Michael and Amy’s wedding! Wishing y’all every happiness 💖

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