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Destiny Gonzalez Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Heather Hollis
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    Jeffrey Fowler


    Eduardo Wolbert


    Lidia Martinez


    Teresa Stephens


Our story

Through this fund, we will honor her and everything she stood for. Being able to help another person and giving back is everything she would have wanted. You would never been able to tell she was battling Lupus, she always had a smile on her face and pushed through every single challenge she faced . She never let her struggles define her.

Our goal

We are starting this fund in honor of Destiny. Although she lost her battle with lupus, her memory lives on. We went to keep her name and memory alive. We know she would want to help others achieve their dream of going to college since it was her dream as well. Through this memorial fund she will be help to help others go to college and achieve their goals and dreams.

Comments from contributors 2

Jeffrey Fowler5 months ago

To honor Destiny’s memory. Class of 78

Lidia Martinez5 months ago

I’m making this contribution because Destiny was and still is an absolute amazing person/sister/daughter and friend. Even when she was battling with lupus and her own problems. She tried to be there for her friends and family. I used to play softball with her she was a huge inspiration to me as a person. Because of how talented and sweet she was, she encouraged people to be happy and to be themselves. But honestly Destiny was one of a kind and she will forever be in people’s hearts and minds.

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