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David Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund

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    Will Valverde


    Stacey And Ankeet Shah


    Sherry & Greg Flatt


    VMware Foundation


    Luis F. De La Fuente And Susan S. Manrao


Our goal

David Foster changed lives by showing his students the world through literature and challenging them to think beyond their own experiences. This fundraiser allows the people who loved and admired David to help continue his efforts beyond his passing by supporting students in their educational goals. David's acts of kindness and generosity extended far beyond his teaching. We received the gift of so many stories from people he had quietly helped over the years. With your help, we hope to be able to continue that legacy with this annual $2500 scholarship.
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Sherry & Greg Flatt6 months ago

Given to inspire the love of learning and adventure, which embodies the ethos of the fabulous Foster family!

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