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Daniel Sackett Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Miles-Sackett Family
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Our story

Dan Sackett was a teacher, coach, and director dedicated to assisting his students in finding their jewel within and reaching for the stars. He taught them to dream, hope, believe, and do. He could always be heard singing a song and holding books in his hand. He believed in education as a tool to create equity and opportunity. His ability to teach was a gift. His willingness to see students experiencing life's challenges was a blessing.

Our goal

This scholarship allows his family, friends, and alumni the opportunity to give back in his honor to continue his legacy and honor that belief.

Comments from contributors 11

Joe Cassidy2 days ago

Thank you Mr. Sackett for dedicating your professional life and so much more, to the development of young people and the exploration of the arts. The world is a whole lot better for having had you in it. You set the bar for teachers very high.

Anonymous26 days ago

A classmate, a friend; quick to laugh, and to make you laugh even more. Generous of spirit, full of enthusiasm and love.

Anonymous28 days ago

Mr. Sackett and the Speech Team changed my life. Happy to help preserve his legacy.

Larry Svabek1 month ago

Mr. Sackett helped multiple generations of students find their voice as the head coach of Sandburg speech. May his dedication and passion inspire us all!

Michael G.1 month ago

I didn't have Mr. Sackett as a teacher, but I know he made a huge impact on the kids that he taught.

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