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COPE Community Scholarship Fund

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Coalition of Parents in Esports
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    Shaemmon Williams


Our goal

We are the parents of professional esports players who realized through our kids that gaming can lead to interest in incredible education and career paths spanning technology, entertainment, media, medical, legal, and finance. Gaming gets a bad rap but our children are learning way more than we realize in their digital spaces and much of it will assist their futures. We advocate for parents and educators to get involved with kids online in their social metaverses and gaming worlds, help them stay safe, help them learn to be good digital citizen, but mostly listen to them. Kids are inspired by the technology and the community and are building the future of how our world connects, works, and plays. Instead of pushing back, we need to learn and educate. We need to embrace the future and help our kids navigate it. The COPE Community Fund provides scholarships for students to pursue education and career paths inspired by their involvement in gaming, esports, streaming, or any online digital communities.

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