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Billy Hunter
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Our story

The idea of this all started there was a high school student volunteer over 500 hours of his time at his local community center. During those hours, he made community wide impacts that had a ripple effect on the community, which led to this idea of a way to give back to students who volunteer and give to their community. An incentive such as a scholarship is something that hopefully encourages more students to get involved but I think there is a greater return for their efforts in what they learn when they work and are involved in their communities. You attain life skills at a young age that you will hopefully translate into more positive impacts the rest of your life. It creates that ripple effect and when one student sees another making an impact, I hope it encourages the next student to get involved and do the same thing. When an individual invests in the community in a positive manner, there are community members that see their impact and want to return the favor and invest in these students. By getting involved in the community, you learn teamwork and leadership skills, make social connections, foster a sense of community pride, take on new responsibilities and you learn about yourself, which will lead to personal growth and you'll learn how to apply those skills to help shape you into a better person.

Our goal

My goal for this fund is to provide an opportunity for community members to give back to the next generation who are making a positive impact on the community. It is to support and encourage students who make these types of positive impacts. By providing financial assistance, this is a way to reward their efforts while creating a community culture that prides itself on community involvement and leadership among students. Making sure that these students have the opportunity to pursue higher education while continuing to be involved in the bettering their communities.

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