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Coach's Corner: Jayden's Legacy Scholarship Fund

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Coach's Corner: Jayden's Legacy
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    Coach's Corner: Jayden's Legacy


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Being involved in sports can be incredibly impactful and beneficial for young students who are developing the skills they’ll need for lifelong success. Whether one participates in individual sports, team sports, traditional disciplines, or non-traditional disciplines, athletic involvement can teach valuable lessons such as perseverance, commitment, focus, and time management. While it can be difficult to manage the demands of one’s athletic and scholastic responsibilities, working hard to thrive in both spheres can set one on a lifelong path to success.

Our goal

This scholarship seeks to recognize and support outstanding student-athletes from diverse backgrounds who excel in their respective sports. Any high school student-athlete at Tooele High School, Grantsville High School, Stansbury High School, or Deseret Peak High School in Utah may apply for this scholarship if they have at least a 3.0 GPA.

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Coach's Corner: Jayden's Legacy28 days ago

Proud Dad. Forever in our Hearts

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