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Clifton D. Willis Memorial Fund

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Veronica Brooks
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Our story

Clifton D. Willis was a remarkable individual, who exhibited extraordinary artistic talent, particularly in drawing. Alongside his artistic talent, he had a magnetic personality that effortlessly drew his younger cousins to him, enveloping them in warmth and love. With his engaging sense of humor, he brought joy and laughter to the lives of many. Within his tight-knit family, Clifton was a source of admiration and love. His mother, siblings, and extended family members held him in the highest regard, recognizing his exceptional qualities and the positive impact he had on their lives. Driven by a desire to serve his country, Clifton found fulfillment in programs like JROTC during his high school years. His experiences in the military-oriented curriculum fueled his decision to join the Army. As a soldier, he ventured far from the MS delta, traveling the world and experiencing diverse cultures, broadening his perspective and enriching his life. Clifton's towering stature and undeniable charm made him stand out from the crowd. He embodied strength and confidence, and his personality drew people in, creating connections that were both meaningful and lasting. It is through the Clifton D. Willis Memorial Fund that we aim to carry forward his memory and the impact he had on all who knew him. Through the support of this fund, we can offer opportunities to aspiring individuals who embody Clifton's compassionate nature, artistic talent, and unwavering commitment to service.

Our goal

The Clifton D. Willis Memorial Fund is a tribute to the remarkable life and enduring legacy of my beloved brother, Clifton. This fund is dedicated to preserving his spirit of service, compassion, and commitment to making a positive impact. By providing financial assistance to Mississippi's graduating seniors, we aim to honor Clifton's memory and empower the next generation of service-minded individuals. Through your generous contributions, we can offer scholarships that will enable students to access educational opportunities. By alleviating financial barriers, we ensure that these young individuals have the freedom to focus on their studies, contribute to their communities, and bring their visions to life. As we embark on our fundraising campaign, let us share Clifton's inspiring story and emphasize the significant role your contributions play in empowering students to pursue their dreams.
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Vanity Clark3 months ago

May your name and legacy live on forever

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