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Cindy J. Visser Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund

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Our story

Cindy J. Visser was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother who lived a life full of empathy for others. The Cindy J. Visser Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund is set up to remember Cindy and her ability as a nurse to show empathy, compassion, and intentionality with her patients while also providing a high degree of professionalism. The Fund will be used to create a nursing scholarship every year on the website. Cindy worked as a registered nurse for most of her life and used nursing as a way to channel her love for the people in her community. Cindy graduated nursing school in 1976 and enjoyed a career of caring for people as an RN - first with 2 years on a medical surgical floor in a hospital, then through 20 years of urgent care in Tinley Park, 5 years of hospice care and finally with 10 years of home health care all over Chicagoland. Cindy was also an active member of her church, an avid reader, an artist, and a gardener. She loved to bike and to hike in the woods, national parks and by waterfalls. Throughout her life, Cindy found beauty in nature, her time with her family, and with the members of her community. In May of 2021, Cindy was diagnosed with a glioblastoma, a rare but aggressive form of brain cancer. One year to the day within getting diagnosed with a brain tumor, Cindy passed away in her home of 44 years in the Chicago south suburbs.

Our goal

This scholarship fund seeks to honor the life of Cindy J. Visser by supporting students who share her desire to help others through nursing. The students can be in high school, college or even graduate school. Preference will be given to those who can demonstrate that they will carry on the giving spirit exemplified by Cindy and to those who live in the Chicagoland area. However, any student who is passionate about helping people and believes that nursing is the best way to channel this desire may apply for this scholarship.
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