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Our story

On May 31, 2022 my family changed forever. My niece , Ciara Curtisa Jackson was visiting family in another state when she was senselessly shot to death by a 16 and 18 year old. Ciara had just graduated from middle school a week ago and was looking forward to going to high school. She was not involved with the young men nor did she know anyone in the area. She was caught in the crossfire, that eventually claimed her life. Ciara leaves behind many family members that loved her unconditionally. Ciara was beautiful and smart and very respectful. She deserved a chance at life to become anything she set her mind to and that was taken away from her instantly. Her family will never be the same and we can’t bring her back, but we can be her voice and help advocate so that weapons are not so accessible to immature people that no longer value life.

Our goal

To educate students on gun safety. Teach students facts and share statistics about gun crimes. Share the impact of guns on the street as well as my family’s story. Further my loved ones legacy by advocating for the voiceless. Provide $500 scholarships to at risk students each year.

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