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Christian Dunbar Athletic Scholarship Fund

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Our story

Christian was a very loving and outgoing teenage boy with so many goals and vision for his future athletic career. Christian wanted to be on the basketball, football and track team in his new high school. He said that he wanted to stay busy and stay focused on positive activities and one day take care of his family. Unfortunately, Christian died in a fatal drowning and was not able to see those visions come to pass. Christian’s legacy of fun, positivity and athleticism will be continued through his memory and dedication to helping his teenage community. Christian had the nickname “Showtime” because when the game starts he knew that he would be the best. And in honor of his drive and passion for sports we knew that he would want to help another teen reach their athletic goals.

Our goal

Christian Dunbar was an amazing 16 year old who had vision and hopes of being in the NBA. Sports and family were his two greatest passions in life. He set out to be the game changer, so much that he nicknamed himself “Showtime”. Why the name “Showtime”? Because when it was time to play a game, he was sure to deliver., Christian was one of the sweetest, most genuine and straight forward teens we knew. After Christian’s passing on June 23, we thought of the impact that he would want to make. This scholarship will support an underrepresented high school senior who is active in sports, especially if they are active in Christian's favorite sports: basketball, football or track. All funds will go to the Christian Dunbar Athletic Scholarship, which will then award funds to three deserving high school seniors. Funds will be directly transferred to the students' tuition balances at their respective colleges.
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