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Chris Struthers Memorial Fund

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Our story

Chris was a very talented artist. From the time he could hold a crayon he was creating works of art. He loved to draw and began painting in Junior High. He designed T-shirts in high school and sold them to friends. He loved to create and was very critical of his work. He attended an art college and received several scholarships himself, many based on his artwork. He became a Graphic Designer and loved his job. We lost Chris to suicide and are want to keep his love of art alive by helping other artists make their art school dreams come true.

Our goal

We are starting this fund in Memory of Chris Struthers. He was a great son, brother, uncle, nephew, friend and grandson. He was also a very talented artist, who worked in Graphic Design. Chris passed from suicide September 23, 2023. He would have been 35 on November 11. We are trying to raise enough money to offer two or more Scholarships for students going to school for a degree in Graphic Design. We have a starting goal of $1,500.00 but would love to go higher! We are hoping that everyone that knew Chris or someone that passed from suicide, can give what they can and help another artist meet their goals!
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Emily Loss1 month ago

Chris was one of the most talented coworkers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He was constantly brimming with big ideas, and poured his heart and soul into every project he was a part of. One of my favorite memories was going down to the gym in our building during lunch breaks and working out together. He always texted me in the morning and told me not to forget my workout clothes. Often I would come to work and there would be a kettle bell sitting in my desk chair. Love you Chris.

Chrissy Tamerlano3 months ago

Chris believed in education’s transformative power. This is a tribute to Chris’s legacy and the impact that he made. Thank you for the chance to honor him.

Travis Minder3 months ago

Love ya buddy

Tammy Miller4 months ago

Chris and Chelsea, this is a wonderful act of kindness and love. Chris was an amazing person and artist. He would be very pleased that you are paying it forward on his behalf.

Hannah Gattanella4 months ago

We love you Chris and Chelsea. God bless.

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