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Chloe Ann Hettel Memorial Fund

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    Justin Boroski


Our story

Remembering the life of Chloe Hettel, an amazing person who left a lasting impact on everyone she met and left us way too soon. Chloe was a beacon of joy, always bringing laughter and fun into every situation. Her smiles were contagious, and her silly jokes and playful spirit could brighten anyone's day. Whether cracking goofy puns or dancing like nobody was watching, she knew how to make everyone feel comfortable and included. She had a huge heart and a deep love for her friends and family. Chloe was always there for a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, or just someone to hang out with. She cherished the time she spent with loved ones, and her presence always made any gathering more special. From a young age, Chloe had a love for cosmetology and dance. Her body moved with such grace and expression, and she poured her entire heart into every step. Watching her dance wasn't just entertaining; it was inspiring. She showed everyone that dancing wasn't just about skill; it was about feeling the music, letting loose, and expressing your inner self. She had a unique talent for bringing out the best in everyone, not just with her dance and beauty skills, but with her positive energy and confidence-boosting words. But what truly made Chloe special was her kind and generous heart. She was always there to help others, ensuring everyone was treated with kindness, or sitting with you at lunch when you were alone, never expecting anything in return. She had a genuine concern for others and a deep desire to make the world a better place. Her absence has been deeply felt, but her memory will live on in the hearts of everyone she touched. We will remember her infectious smile, her silly jokes, her passionate dance moves, and her kind spirit. She taught us to embrace life with joy, laughter, and kindness. She showed us that it's not about being perfect, but about being true to ourselves and making the most of every moment. Remember when you miss her to look for signs that she is near. You will see her in the beautiful sunset that colors the sky, remember her when you hear a certain song play, and see her live on in your memories. Rest in peace, Chloe Ann. You will be dearly missed. Fentanyl is a deadly drug that can affect anyone, often mixed with counterfeit pills and other drugs without the user's knowledge. By spreading the word and taking action, we can save lives and prevent fentanyl-related tragedies. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use disorder, there are resources and support available.

Our goal

The Chloe Ann Hettel Memorial Fundraiser is dedicated to perpetuating the legacy of Chloe Ann Hettel, a remarkable individual who brought joy, compassion, and positivity into the lives of everyone she touched.

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