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Carol B. Warren, You are Loved Scholarship Fund

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Katherine Gardner
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Our story

My mother, Carol B Warren, grew up in a family with lots of love but very little financial or housing stability. Her oldest sibling died from cancer when she was very young and her Father died when she was in the 9th grade. My mother left high school and became the primary caretaker of her four younger siblings. All of her siblings graduated High School and became professionals or served in the military. She met our father and they married while my father attended Georgia Tech. They had 4 girls who all attended college obtaining a Masters, Bachelors or Associates Degree. As her youngest daughter was completing her college education, Carol B. Warren pursued and obtained her High School GED in her early 50's. She inspired her family and many others to continue their education. Carol loved unconditionally and had a tender heart for those who struggled with education and financial need.

Our goal

This fundraiser will support non-traditional students who are looking to pursue a higher education. We aim to support those who have obtained their and/or are obtaining their GED but will support all non-traditional students.
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Comments from contributors 4

Patti LoCoco10 months ago

Empowering women!

Michael Millard10 months ago

Education is the best way out of poverty and I love the story.

Marianne Kozak10 months ago

Well done Katherine…what a great tribute to your Momma !!

Katherine Gardner10 months ago

I hope that many women can move forward with obtaining their GED's by using these funds.

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