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Our story

Born in the United States of America, to a mother from the West Indian Island of Trinidad and Tobago and a father from the Central American country of Belize, SOCAFaith LLC. founder and owner Nakeba McKoy is a proud Caribbean-American. Her grandparents and parents shared stories of their dreams and the sacrifices made in migrating to the United States in search of a better chance and opportunity to improve their quality of life, as well as the struggles they had to endure in order to provide for themselves and the family. Through their stories and her own experiences, Nakeba was always encouraged to advance her social mobility by obtaining an education and using the morals and values instilled in her to help someone else along the way. During her graduate studies, Nakeba focused on mental health in education, using students from the Caribbean diaspora as her primary demographic study. Surprisingly, the majority of students interviewed expressed a desire for more financial aid tailored to their specific needs, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. With her awareness of stressors, such as money, contributing to mental health issues and her understanding of the disadvantages that Caribbeans face due to low income, Nakeba knew how she wanted to make a difference. She established this scholarship fund to promote the dreams of all students from the Caribbean, as well as those born to Caribbean parents, who simply want to excel in life. If it weren't for the scholarships and grants she received throughout her academic career, Nakeba could not have afforded college. She hopes that having more money to pay for their education will help to alleviate those stressors, giving them a better chance of focusing on their studies and making their own dreams come true.

Our goal

This scholarship fund will support the Caribbean Dream Scholarship by providing financial assistance to students of Caribbean descent or immigrants/international students of the Caribbean.

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