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Captain Clay Layne Memorial C.O.L.E. Scholarship Fund

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Organized by
Ella & Melissa Collins
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Our story

This fund is being created in memory of Captain Clay Layne who was a Warsaw Police Department Captain in Warsaw, Indiana. Captain Clay Layne dedicated over 26 years of service to protecting the community of Warsaw. He was a highly respected leader in the law enforcement community. He was beloved and will be missed by all. His profession brought him great joy, but his greatest joy came from supervising and teaching younger officers. He loved and adored his family, making them a top priority he often spoke fondly and lovingly of. Captain Clay Layne always put the needs of others’ ahead of his own and would do anything possible to make sure he was in attendance at his daughters’ extra-curricular activities and performances. This fund will help Children of Law Enforcement (C.O.L.E.) pay for their college education. Always giving of himself, this fund is another way to honor Captain Clay Layne and to keep giving back to the community he loved.

Our goal

This fund is to create scholarships for children of Law Enforcement officers who are currently in active duty, killed in the line of duty or who have passed away unexpectedly.
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