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Camille Donaldson Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Maggie Watkins
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Our goal

This scholarship is to honor the memory of Camille Morgan Donaldson and to carry on her legacy. Camille touched countless lives with her joy, warmth and laughter and was a tireless advocate for mental health. She had her own battles but always worked to create safe spaces for people to share their struggles and successes with mental illness. Camille was a light on this Earth who touched countless lives and whose impact lives on. The Camille Donaldson Memorial Scholarship will grant a one-time award of $5,000 to a Georgia high school senior who has battled mental health challenges. The scholarship will be given annually. Any amount donated in Camille’s honor would be greatly appreciated and will allow future generations of students to access higher education.
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Zawatski Siblings4 months ago

thank you for not giving up and continuing to fight. so many people love you that you may not even think about. your life has touched so many people already and there are many more impacts you will have on this earth for years to come. we miss our 4th sibling, Camille, and are grateful that you can use her struggles for something positive. We will never forget her.

Lindsey Snyder4 months ago

For sweet Camille.

Anonymous4 months ago

In loving memory, and with much love to her family and friends.

Cori Roberts4 months ago

For Camille

Alicia Fairbank9 months ago

We love and miss you.

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