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    Tonya Cannon


Our story

I found myself as a single mother, responsible for raising five kids on my own after dropping out of high school at the age of 16. Feeling lost and directionless, I made a pivotal decision to return to school to obtain my GED. Fortunately, my community offered valuable resources, including free childcare services and support from the department of children and family services, which covered the costs of my classes and books. Grateful for the assistance that transformed my life, I am now driven by a mission to give back to the same communities that played a crucial role in shaping who I am today. My goal is to help other single moms navigate and overcome the challenges that hinder their educational pursuits. By providing the necessary funds and support, I aspire to see them succeed and graduate with the education they deserve. In creating this fundraiser and scholarship, I draw inspiration from my late mother, who tragically lost her battle with mental illness and depression in 1985. In 1960, she was an exemplary honor student, Chaplain of her senior class, secretary of the camera club, a member of a dance team, a poet, and a speech presenter for her class. She actively participated in the girl's senate, homemaking society, and was crowned homecoming queen for the class of 1961. Her life reflected numerous achievements and an outstanding show of compassion, empowering her school, classmates, and community as a leader in her senior class. Despite the challenges she faced in later years, her legacy serves as a testament to the importance of addressing mental health issues. In her honor, I have chosen to establish this scholarship, named Caldonia's Lighthouse Foundation, to raise awareness about mental illness. This scholarship will be awarded to a deserving student, continuing the legacy of empowerment and compassion that my mother exemplified throughout her life.

Our goal

To empower and support single mothers in overcoming educational obstacles by providing financial assistance and resources, enabling them to achieve success in obtaining their high school diploma, certificate, or degree.

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