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Brown Wedding Scholarship Fund

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Emmanuelle Brown
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    Tim Daniel


    JC & Mildrey Valdes


    Natalie Vuoriaho


    Sara Bien-Aime


    Jason And Krystle Welch


Our goal

In this spirit of marriage and love, we have chosen to forego traditional gifts and instead invite you to contribute towards empowering a deserving first-generation student of immigrant parents or an immigrant pursuing higher education. By making a donation, you will be directly impacting the life of a motivated individual, providing them with the opportunities they deserve to fulfill their dreams and create a better future. Your support will serve as a lasting tribute to the bride’s, Emmanuelle, uncle's kind-heartedness and her grandmother's courage in overcoming incredible odds. Together, let's build a legacy of empowerment, honoring the sacrifices made by a family's past. Join us in giving back and making a profound difference in the lives of those striving to make their own mark in the world. Thank you for joining us on this meaningful journey. With gratitude, The Bride & Groom

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Tim Daniel7 days ago

To give yourself, time or money for the purpose to make someone’s day, life or financial situation better is one of the greatest gift you can give. Timfuscious

JC & Mildrey Valdes10 days ago

A great cause by a great couple

Sara Bien-Aime11 days ago

If you want to add the gift I brought to the wedding for the fund, please do so. This is such a great cause, it gives me chills!

Angela King15 days ago

Freddie and Elle, it’s a privilege to contribute to a great cause while also celebrating your union. ❤️

Allyson❤️ Reaves16 days ago

So glad to be part of your special day❤️

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