Breast Cancer Awareness Fund in Memory of Martha Dickinson

Organized by
Elizabeth Mettille
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Our story

My mother was a dedicated 2nd grade and Sunday School teacher. She always had a smile on her face and loved to dramatic read and perform skits/ plays with her 2nd graders, as well as her children. Once a year the school would have a spirit day. Hat Day was her favorite and she always decorated her own HUGE hat each year! She and her hats were truly one of a kind! She also loved nature and was a girl scout leader. She lead a team at school along with the assistance of her girl scouts to create a nature trail at the school for her studentsand the community. When she could no longer teach, she leaned on her faith in God to see her through the battle. Her perseverance and faith were steadfast.

Our goal

I believe that creating awareness, getting to know your family history, and routine screening play key factors in the fight and prevention of breast cancer. I lost my mom in my senior year of high school due to metastatic breast cancer that went into her bones. She was a fighter and taught her 2nd grade class until treatments became too much. Fortunately, technological advances have drastically improved the prognosis of those diagnosed with breast cancer. I want to carry on her legacy of learning. In addition, I developed the courage to go through genetic testing, which was not routinely done when she was diagnosed. Knowledge truly is power. I found out I am BRCA2 positive and underwent the preventative surgeries to drastically reduce my risk. I am very passionate about others understanding the preventative measures they can take in order to detect it early as well as reduce their risk. This fund will support the Breast Cancer Awareness in Memory of Martha Dickinson annual $500 scholarship to a high schooler or undergraduate in Maryland who's life has been impacted by the diagnosis or passing of a loved one with breast cancer.
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