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Boundless Scholarship Fund

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Griffin Furlong
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    Griffin Furlong




    Griffin Furlong


    Griffin Furlong


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Our story

My name is Griffin Furlong and I am a self-published author, full-time civil engineer, and founder of the Boundless Scholarship Fund. For background, I lost my mother to cancer at the age of six years old and my family spiraled into a battle with homelessness. For years, I spent my life embarrassed and uncertain about my future. However, there was still a desire in me to never give up. Through the power of a strong mindset, hard work, and help from others, I was able to graduate high valedictorian of my class. My story gained the traction of a local news outlet and I went viral overnight. I was flown to New York and was coined the "Homeless Valedictorian" on Good Morning America. Here is a snippet of the ABC news segment: Fast forward, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and self-published my first book in September of 2022. With portions of my book proceeds, speaking engagements, and donations, I plan to create a scholarship fund to help other low-income students in need. I would like to be able to relieve and inspire students who deserve a stepping stone to the next chapter of their lives.

Our goal

This fund will go to creating scholarships that help other low-income students in need.
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