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Bobie Bao Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Our story

Bobie Bao's battle with cancer lasted four long years before he left us at the young age of 17. Through the hardships and pain he endured, he was an avid volunteer, a leader in the student community, a Yale-bound AP student, and a fiercely loyal friend to those from all walks of life. Bobie was a unique and unstoppable force. He was witty, creative, and deeply ambitious. He was a wise and judicious soul, protective of his morals and ideals, yet always welcoming to challenges. These are the qualities we seek to honor with this scholarship—to commemorate and empower students who have demonstrated these traits through their commitment to education, service to the community, and the arts. The Bobie Chen Bao Memorial Scholarship was created in 2014 by John Kelly, one of Bobie's closest friends at Gateway Senior High School, specifically for kids in high school who demonstrate a commitment to the community, the arts, and of course, their own coursework, just as Bobie did. A significant portion of the application requires applicants to write an essay on someone who has made a significant impact on their lives and their futures. The BCB Scholarship is a one year, non-renewable scholarship in the amount of $2,000 that will be awarded to one Gateway High School senior each year. All parts of their application are reviewed by a committee of Bobie's peers, teachers, and family. The scholarship is reliant on the donations of his friends and family. His memory continues to inspire us each and every day-- with your help, we can continue to award deserving young scholars for their community service and dedication in Bobie's name, boosting them just a little closer to reaching their dreams.

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We want to create a fund to support the Bobie Bao Memorial Scholarship.

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