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Black Dahlia Young Artist Scholarship Fund

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Black Dahlia tattoo artist and company
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    Black Dahlia Tattoo Artist And Company


Our story

This fund was inspired for my father who dreamed of being a cartoonist and artist. In the 70’s art was not respected so he chose computers to make a living. He always felt a hole in his heart for not being able to pursue his passion. He passed when I was 8 and I related very much to that passion and hole. I choose to be a hairdresser at a young age where I felt that same judgement that it was not a valuable career. Needless to say I have mentored and raised many stylists and have pushed to fulfill my dreams and inspire others to do so. This is a legacy to honors those who chose to follow their passion

Our goal

Black Dahlia tattoo artist and company is creating a scholarship fund for young artists to continue their education. We donate 5 % of all our sales and work to collaborate with other artists to raise funds and awareness. Our goal is to raise as much as we can each year to award $1000 scholarships to as many kids as we can. The more we connect our community, the further reach we have to encourage artists that their gifts and talents are respected and supported.

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