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Biff McGhee Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Dawn Kupperbusch McGhee
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Recently Biff lost his hard-fought battle with lung cancer. Not only was he a beloved husband, father, brother, brother-in-law and grandfather, but he was also an amazing friend to so many. With Biff's tremendous love for his family and his passion for the outdoors, I felt in my heart a need to do something that would not only memorialize the wonderful man that Biff was, but also help others in need at the same time. I felt that I could combine his love for children and his passion for the outdoors into a scholarship that would help deserving high school seniors fund their post-secondary education. After some brainstorming and Gods reassurance and guidance, I am beyond excited to announce the establishment of: The Biff McGhee Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to multiple students that have the desire to further their education in the fields of agriculture, wildlife management, parks and recreation or any other field that encompasses Biff's love for the outdoors. This scholarship has been setup to be awarded not based on GPA, extracurricular activities or school involvement, but a student's true passion for the outdoors. With my initial funding, I am beyond excited to offer 4 generous scholarships for the school year beginning fall of 2024. My intent over the years is to increase the number of scholarships awarded as well as the dollar amount per scholarship. My hopes are to do this through the generous tax-deductible donations from our family and friends as well as through various fundraising events throughout the years ahead. Biff touched the lives of so many and as his sister-in-law, I feel this is just a small way to give back while keeping all the memories we share of Biff alive. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity as well as your prayers as we embark on such a fulfilling and wonderful cause.

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Tammy Deal2 months ago

Happy heavenly birthday! You are missed! Prayers for your precious family.

Sue Ellis2 months ago

Happy Heavenly Birthday!

Hickory Log Custom Calls3 months ago

In honor of Biff, an avid outdoor enthusiast with a heart for the outdoors and even bigger heart for kids. We were blessed to have know Biff and his love for all.

Mitchell Patten3 months ago

Biff was a great friend , we always talked about the outdoors and loved to hunt the animals that God put on this earth for us ! I know how much he would appreciate this great scholarship fund !

Preston Kupperbusch3 months ago

Biff was one of my uncles and he was very loved by his friends and family and I just feel it’s right to donate in honor of him

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