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Bethel Memorial Fund for Veterinary Medicine

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Organized by
George Albright
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    Marsha Lackey


    Gary & Debbie Lee




Our story

My sister in-law, Paulette Bethel recently passed away and is dearly missed by her family and community. She was supportive of her local animal shelters and was passionate about helping animals in any way she could. Today’s veterinary students are the future and will carry on Paulette's legacy by caring for animals, keeping them safe, and curing their ailments.

Our goal

We are starting a fund to build a scholarship which aims to honor Paulette's memory by supporting students who share her love for animals, keeping her legacy alive.
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Comments from contributors 3

Marsha Lackey20 days ago

In memory of Paulette Bethel

Gary & Debbie Lee4 months ago

Paulette was a wonderful person who did it her way, and it was good.

Anonymous4 months ago

keith taught me to open up more

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