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Begho Ukueberuwa Memorial Scholarship Fund

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TJ Lanzetta
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Our story

Begho Ukueberuwa was an artist, musician, athlete, but above all a loyal friend. His greatest contribution to the world was the way he inspired everyone around him to be the best version of themselves. As one friend put it, "When I spoke with Begho, he made me feel heard like never before”. His innate ability to connect with others left a lasting impact on many friends, family, and complete strangers he had only met once. Through this scholarship fund, Begho will continue to help others live life to the fullest.

Our goal

This fund will be used to finance one or more scholarships aimed at helping underprivileged students in creative fields access higher education.

Comments from contributors 6

Tom And Paige2 months ago

Begho was a special person. His memory is a constant reminder of success coming in unorthodox ways and curiosity fueling relationships. We think of him often.

Trey Griffin2 months ago

Just because you are gone doesn’t mean your legacy is. You made the world a better place and will continue to do so. Miss you king. ❤️

Brooke And Steve Keane Keane2 months ago

You will always be in our hearts, that smile and that willingness to always lend a helping hand

Steph Krakower2 months ago

Love you miss you my friend 💚

Devin Keane2 months ago

Miss you bud. Contributing so others can be able to have the type of impact Begho had on everyone around him.

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