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Barbara Cain Literary Scholarship Fund

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Radtke Family
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    John And Susan Radtke


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    Radtke Family


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Our story

This fund has been created to honor my mother, Barbara Cain, who committed her life to helping and serving others. Barbara loved books and the library, and she especially enjoyed being a librarian. Barbara particularly loved working in the school district libraries. Her memory will be honored by helping another individual who shares her passion for books and the library. Students with this type of passion are encouraged to apply and priority will be given to those who specifically have an interest in becoming a librarian.

Our goal

I created this campaign to raise money for the Barbara Cain Literary Scholarship. Each year, one worthy candidate will receive a $1,000.00 scholarship award to use to further their education.
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Comments from contributors 2

Tonya Bartoletti9 months ago

For a mother’s love that inspires reading.

Stacy Mose9 months ago

Books. Learning. Love. They all go together. ❤

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