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In the heart of Brazos County, where the spirit of the law is etched into the community fabric, a new chapter is being written—one that honors merit and dismisses the outdated biases based on sex that have no place in our legal system or society. Maritza, a steadfast advocate for justice, stands at the forefront of this transformation. She’s not just running for office; she’s pioneering a path for women who aspire to don the robe of justice and serve with honor. The Challenge: Today's DA office paints a disheartening picture, a place seemingly anchored in the past, where the contributions of women are undervalued, their ambitions stifled by a ceiling not of glass, but of outdated prejudices. This isn’t merely a local issue—it’s a symbol of a larger battle against systemic bias based on sex. The Contrast: Maritza's stance is clear: the law is blind, and so should be our support for those who uphold it. Her campaign for DA is only part of a broader mission—to ensure women in law have the scholarships and resources they need to succeed, separate from campaign finances and independent of electoral outcomes. The Vision: A legal field at large—rich with the talents of women who lead with integrity. A future where any girl, looking upon the legal landscape, sees no barriers to her ambition, no limits to how high she can rise. The Legacy: Every dollar raised goes to a scholarship fund dedicated to breaking down barriers for women in law, providing them the support they deserve to pursue their legal aspirations. This is about making a lasting impact, proving that our commitment to justice extends beyond the ballot box.

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