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Baby Love Scholarship Fund

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Our story

Baby Love was a living example of what it means to show God's love through your life. A woman that overcame life challenges and still persevered. Throughout her journey she touched lives and left imprints on the hearts of many. Baby Love was passionate about education. She believed in the power education had in providing opportunities for people to thrive and reach their highest potential in life.

Our goal

The matriarch of our family had a (B)eautiful Heart, (A)mazing Spirit, (B)old Personality, (Y)earning to help others, (L)oving to All, (O)bedient to her Purpose, (V)irtuous in all things, and had an (E)xemplary passion for Education. Those who knew her, knew her as mom, sister, grandmother, and friend. Most notably they knew her as Baby Love. The Baby Love fund will be used to support the educational pursuits of African American girls and women that embody the BABY LOVE spirit.
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