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Antonia Martin Latino Educators Scholarship Fund

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Martin Family
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Our story

Antonia "Toni" Martin was a teacher, a mother, grandmother, and pillar of our community. She started her career in teaching as a school volunteer when she was a young mother of three with a third grade education. She realized her love and aptitude for teaching, which led her to pursue a higher education and ultimately receive her teaching credentials against all odds. She has been a strong advocate for the Latino-Americans in our community, and has helped found local organizations and events which offered aid and support to this demographic.

Our goal

Antonia "Toni" Martin's penchant for philanthropy and generosity has inspired us to continue her life's work in the form of a scholarship extending to other Latino-Americans pursuing a career as an educator. Our hope is that with this fund, we will empower and encourage others like her to achieve their dream career.

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Rosa Maria Mora Rottmann-Craig10 months ago

My childhood memories of Mrs Martin have been of her motherly warm smile As an 7-9 year old I looked forward to spending the night at their home. She was always loving and kind, and I felt important around her or what I had to say. As preteens our crazy families together ventured to my homeland Guadalajara and can't recall seeing her stressed or upset with any of us! As a young mother I inspired to be like beautiful Mrs Martin But my hot-blooded Rafael & Maria Mora DNA I can't say was possible!

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