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Angelia Zeigler Gibbs Book Scholarship Fund

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Our story

Angelia Gibbs was my mother. So this scholarship is a away for my 3 sons' and I to continue her love for wanted to see children read and exceed. I started my private facebook group ASKnowledge to help kids go to school debt free. And because of that this scholarship was born. To honor Ms. Gibbs’ memory and love for reading, her family has created a scholarship for other avid readers. Angelia Z. Gibbs passed away from COVID-19 in August of 2020. Ms. Gibbs was born and raised in Macon, Georgia. She graduated from Northeast High School. She was the single mother of one daughter and the grandmother to three boys. Ms. Gibbs never attended college. She set the tone early on that education and was important and reading was the key. She made sure that her daughter, Adrienna maintained a library of books growing up. Her daughter to this day loves to read. Adrienna went on to a graduate from Tuskegee University. The importance of reading was passed on to Ms. Gibbs’ grandsons. Two of Ms. Gibbs grandsons are in college, and one is in middle school. Her daughter recently founded the ASKnowledge, an organization that helps provide resources and guidance on how to attend college debt free.

Our goal

To honor Ms. Gibbs’ memory and love for reading, her family has created a scholarship for other avid readers.
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SHERYL Dianne Colley FDN6 months ago

In memory of Sheryl Dianne Colley: wife of Barry Colley and Mother of Zahra, Akua, Kenya and Jeana

Yolanda Mims7 months ago

Beautiful tribute and cause. Praying that you get great support in this endeavor.

Beverlyn Finney7 months ago

In memory of my dear friend Angelia Gibbs.

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