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Andrea M. Taylor Future Doctors Scholarship Fund

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Ajeenah Crittendon
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Our story

I would like Andrea to be remembered as the exceptional human being that she was. She had an infectious personality, a kind and generous loving heart. Andrea had a wicked sense of humor. She loved to make her family and friends laugh at her silliness and her corky jokes. Andrea loved food. She would try any kind of food and/or dish at least once. She loved going to movies, but music was her greatest passion. She listened to all kinds of music from Hip-Hop, to R&B, Jazz, Country Music and anything by Taylor Swift. Andrea was born with one normal size Kidney and a small abnormal size Kidney which led to a future diagnosis of Diabetes in her early adult life. Even though Andrea dealt with many health challenges in her life she was never without a big smile on her face no matter what life threw at her. Wonder Woman was Andrea's 'Hero' from the time she was a child on into her adult life. I called Andrea my quiet warrior due to her many hospital stays as the result of her Diabetes. She spent several Xmas Holidays in the hospital as the result of her Diabetes, which lead to Dialysis and finally the need for new Kidney. In 2009, Andrea received a Living Donor's Kidney and sailed through the surgery successfully. Andrea did not have the opportunity to receive the 'Gift of Life' once again due to Medical Error and structural racism in the Medical Profession/Industry. She also did not get the opportunity to give the 'Gift of Life' to others as she wrote in her 'Final Medical Directives' which simply stated: "Donate whatever that can be used to help save someone else's life." Andrea was always thinking of others first and selflessly giving of herself to others which included family and friends.

Our goal

I would like to further my daughter, Andrea M. Taylor's legacy by creating the Andrea M. Taylor Future Doctors Scholarship Fund for African American students who live in disadvantage, low-income communities who dream of becoming a Medical Doctor.

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