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Amber D. Hudson Memorial Scholarship Fund

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    Hudson Family


    Hudson Family


Our story

Amber D. Hudson was just 34 years old when she took her last agonizing breaths at 2:36am near the end of August 2022, surrounded by her anguished parents and youngest sister. It was a cruel-yet-merciful end for a beautiful, kind, generous, hard-working, and fearless young lady. Less than two years beforehand, she was literally living her best life. Born to working class parents in Mississippi, she traveled from coast to coast as a "military brat" when her parents joined the Army. While working her way through college at the University of Georgia, she began her (outside of major) IT career performing tech support for the Atlanta Falcons. Upon graduation, she moved with her family to the Washington DC area and continued her IT career, and ultimately flourished on her own, as she worked her way to her final position as an IT Support Manager in Kaiserslautern, Germany with the University of Maryland - University Campus. Well-loved and well-respected by a legion of family, friends, and sorority sisters, there has been a continual outpouring of loving acts, tributes, and testimonials from her first diagnosis to this day. Dubbed "The Catalyst" by her sorority, she has lived up to that name in so many ways for so many people since 2012. It is through this scholarship fund, that her family seeks to continue her legacy of positive change for all.

Our goal

Our eldest daughter Amber D. Hudson passed away in 2022 from a rare form of cancer. Toward the end of her two-year battle with this dreaded disease, we found much information on the significant role that nutrition plays in the prevention, progression, and sometimes regression of cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and many other disorders that plague millions of American families. We would like to support changing these trends and sparing other families from the soul-crushing ordeal of losing their loved ones. For these reasons we have created the Amber D. Hudson Memorial Scholarship. Recipients would $1000 toward a career as a Registered Dietitian (RD), Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), or other health-related field. The scholarship recipient should show interest in making a difference in the fight against the crippling effects of the Standard American Diet.
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Comments from contributors 2

Hudson Family20 days ago

There were so many excellent candidates that wrote very compelling application essays. This deserves a second awardee for this year.

Hudson Family5 months ago

May this be only the start to many years of making a positive impact with the Amber D. Hudson Memorial Scholarship.

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