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Alma J. Grubbs Education Scholarship Fund

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Our story

My mother always stressed the importance of a good education and kept the dream of becoming a Teacher in the forefront of her mind. She often shared that it was influential Teachers in her life that gave her that desire to give back to other students. As an older adult who had started her own family with her husband, she decided it was finally time to go to College to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Education with a concentration on the earliest school years- Primary. A few years, after completing her Bachelor's Degree and Teaching in the Primary School System of a small town in Montgomery County, GA, she continued her learning and obtained a Master's Degree in Education. One secondary higher degree was not completely satisfactory to her - her philosophy was "as Teachers the most vulnerable people depend on us , therefore we must perfect our craft and be a good example for those we serve". An good example is exactly what she was and to that end she pursued and obtain an Educational Specialist Degree. Obtaining those degrees made her eligible for School Administration postions, but when asked whether she would apply for Administrative positions, she declined stating " the classroom is where I belong-- it's the most impactful position for our students" . I suspect that if she had not gotten sick, she would have obtained a Doctorate of Education. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which slowed her activities a bit. She retired, but continued to serve students by signing up and accepting substitute Teacher assignments. She would say, it's perfect because I can continue doing what I love all while keeping my schedule flexible because I choose whether or not to accept an assignment. It was wonderful to watch her work, hear her share stories about her students, and see her share with new Teachers both ideas and items for their classrooms. Our Mom taught us to value education, share knowledge and always have a giving heart! But she never taught us how to live without her... this Education Scholarship Fund is one of the ways to keep her memory alive and honor her legacy. If we can fund a scholarship for one less fortunate student in my Mom's home state of GA who desires to become a Teacher, it will be the most rewarding gift ....Thank you for your support

Our goal

I am creating this fund to honor my late Mother, Alma J. Grubbs who had an extensive career as an Educator in Georgia. She was a woman who always cared and sacrificed so much for others. She delayed her college journey to later in life to help financially support her family of three younger siblings who lost the patriach of the family during her Senior Year of High School.

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