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Alexander de Guia Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Family of Alexander De Guia
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Our story

Born in 1939, in Pangil, Laguna, and raised in Miguelin, Sampaloc in Manila, Alexander de Guia was a shining product of the Philippine public school system, where he found a love for studying Mathematics and Science. His educational journey continued at Mapúa University and Far Eastern University in Manila where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, paving the way for his immigration to the United States in 1968 alongside a wave of Filipino science professionals. He was the very first in his family to immigrate to the United States and was an instrumental guide to the de Guia family chain migration to California from the Philippines. Alexander described living his American life in Technicolor (like in the US movies that influenced his aspirations), infusing vibrancy into everything he touched. From the paint on Space Mountain at Disneyland to the novel shades of nail polish, from shiny coatings on golf clubs to his silky-toned Americana suit he wore on his flight to the US, his presence was felt far and wide. He even proudly recalled coming to the US with his TB X-ray in hand and cherished tuyo (dried fish) with him in his suitcase, reminders of his heritage and the journey that brought him to where he stood proudly. Alexander was generous and hard working. He endured long commutes and developed a passion for his craft as a paint and polymer chemist in the Los Angeles area for three decades. In 2003, he retired, having dedicated himself to his wife and children through their education and professional milestones. He proudly adorned himself with Golden State Warriors gear, as well as sweatshirts representing UC Berkeley and Harvard, embodying his love for sports and his children‘s alma mater. This scholarship honors Alexander de Guia and his legacy to support educational opportunities afforded to scholars who will serve their communities.

Our goal

The Alexander de Guia Memorial Fund honors our father who has always been an ardent champion of educational access and attainment. Through this fund we celebrate his determination, resilience, and pioneering spirit that will inspire generations to come. This scholarship furthers his legacy.
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Comments from contributors 8

Efren & Gwen Cruz11 months ago

To memorialize my beloved Tito Alex and support the Alexander DeGuia Scholarship Fund.

Carmen Dimayuga11 months ago

In loving memory of Tito Alex whom I will always remember as a loving and kind man who didn't talk much but managed to show his love and care through his smile.

Ginalyn De Guia11 months ago

In loving memory of my uncle, Alexander de Guia.

Guia De Guia Manzana Manzana11 months ago

I want the memory of my brother Alexander to live through the lives of the students this fund will support through the scholarship program.

Linda Cheu11 months ago

To honor the memory of Alexander de Guia

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