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Albright, Campbell, Carter, Ohana Fund for Academic Excellence

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Organized by
George Albright
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Raised of $13,700 goal
2 scholarships funded
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    George Albright


    George Albright


    Lisa Barron


    Jillian Grenier


    Danielle Holsey


Our story

I had the privilege of being encouraged by three strong and brilliant women during my academic career. My mother, Marcia, my stepmother, Bobbi, and my aunt, Frances. Only my mother was able to earn her Associate’s Degree, but all three were impacted by the inadequacies of available financial aid for undergraduate pursuits. Nonetheless, all three tirelessly encouraged me and others in our family to achieve our educational pursuits.

Our goal

This fund will help an aspiring young student in the pursuit of their undergraduate or graduate degree in the areas of education or legal related studies. The goal of this scholarship fund is to help a under represented minority student that may have some financial hardships and/or may be attending college without significant family financial support.

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