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ACHE Southern California LIFT Scholarship Fund

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    Robert Simonet


    Dan McLaughlin


    Diana Milan-Finley


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Our goal

ACHE of Southern California is thrilled to announce the launch of the 2024 LIFT Student Scholarship Fund. Support exceptional undergraduate and graduate students to remain in school to complete their degrees. At ACHE Southern California, we believe in nurturing the potential of future leaders who will shape the healthcare landscape. With your generous contribution, we can provide essential funding to service students. Our goal is to have academic scholarship awarded annually to 2-3 students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in a healthcare related field (i.e., BA, BPH, BS, BSN, MHA, MPH, MSN, DNP, DrPH, PhD). Each scholarship is $5,000. Donations are 100% tax-deductible.
Scholarships made possible by your generosity

Comments from contributors 4

Robert Simonet20 hours ago

Knowledge is Power

Thomas Dougherty17 days ago

Great cause.

Nikole DeVries17 days ago

The future of healthcare is bright! May this make the path forward easier

John Edelston17 days ago

As a former officer in ACHE/SoCal I fully support the efforts of our ACHE to support the education and advancement of individuals to remain in school and complete their education.

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