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Our story

Alison Brown “AB” a young valedictorian of her high school and a young mother at the age of 16. A very smart young lady whom had aspirations of attending university or higher level education. At the time there were many challenges for any and all young mothers. Financially it was impossible as a young mother to support herself and infant son at the time just from the nuts and bolts of daily life. So Alison put education on the back burner and dove head first off the high dive into the working mom’s world. After years of hard work determination and most of all fearless ambition. She created a lifestyle of care taking, love, and most of all sacrifice & support for her family and children. She climbed the corporate ladder and is now one of the strongest, most respected woman leaders in the multi/family industry. As “AB” continues to blaze the trails and find new opportunities to influence humans in her industry and humans on this planet, it is with the structuring of this scholarship that she can be recognized each year for the legacy Alison continues to build on. Who is “AB” well from first hand experience as her husband she is a promoter of others. She is a mentor, a teacher, an educator, most of all though she is a woman of impact.

Our goal

This scholarship and fundraiser will be “AB’s” legacy for those who are in need of support and for those whom have aspirations as Alison did and does to create change globally.
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