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831 Legacy Scholarship Fund

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Niko Ivanov
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    Niko Ivanov


Our story

The heart behind this fund is to instill hope and to show the youth of NM that their "dream life" is attainable. No matter what they want to accomplish or where they want to go in the world, they can do it. Being raised in NM and having gone through a lot of hardship, having had limited resources and an overall lack of mentorship + "success" stories to look at, it was hard to dream of a bright future. With a lot of hard work, luck, rare experiences and divine intervention; I was able to move to Los Angeles, pursue a dream career and make a life for myself that my childhood self would have never imagined possible. This fund is a means to an overall bigger picture and that bigger picture is community change, its life change. Sure we're giving away money here but it's only to show communities and youth with limited world view that the saying "anything is possible" is true. If a kid like me with a single mom and an incredibly tumultuous background can get to where I am then ANYONE can. Anyone who donates to this fund isn't just donating money, they're instilling hope.

Our goal

To help students from New Mexico achieve their dreams and career aspirations by supporting their higher education.
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