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Tiara Cosby


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I aspire to be a light in the world, that shines throughout the lives of those around me, and even the people I have never met. Creating the TBC Academic Scholarship is one of the ways that I am able to connect, share, and allow students to share their personal stories of their life. I always try to tell myself that life is what you make it. Yes, it may be unfair sometimes. But the reward you get when you sit back and look at all of the things you have achieved...that feeling is worth the long hard nights. No matter what -- keep going, you got this!

Letters from winners

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    Lia Ottinot

    Thank you for awarding me the 2024 TBC Academic Scholarship. This scholarship award means a great deal to me because it shows someone is rooting for my future success. Despite the obstacles that may stand in my way, the thought of knowing somebody believes in me is inspiring. I hope to graduate with a degree in Fine Arts with no student loans to pay back. I plan to accomplish this goal by obtaining scholarships and working summer jobs and internships while in college. I have seen Obtaining scholarships like this one will allow me to graduate with no student loans, which will permit me to give back to my community once I graduate, with no financial worries. I hope to one day pay it forward and provide scholarships to students fighting through obstacles and pursuing their dreams.

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    Dominique Laster

    Being named as a finalist for this scholarship gives me an extra dose of motivation to continue applying for scholarships and pursuing my academic dreams. Thank you so much for your consideration.