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Mar, 2022



Vision Statement: To help shape an inclusive & accessible future for the next generation of scholars & beyond. Ashe Arts & STEM believes our programs will impact the world by impacting the number of BIPOC students in Arts & STEM fields of study & the representation of BIPOC people in their respective professions. Mission Statement: Ashe Arts & STEM's mission is to bridge the gap between representation & access to education for BIPOC students pursuing careers in Arts & STEM fields.

Letters from winners

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    Mia Moore

    Being a winner of this scholarship means a new opportunity to push me closer towards the pursuit and diversifying of the professional creative arts; an opportunity that not many receive. It means the world to me to be able to pursue my passions and ensure my mother’s efforts and years of support—my driving force—will be honored after my high school graduation.

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    Arthur Ward

    Being a recipient of the Code Breaker and Change Makers Scholarship is an honor, and I am very glad and appreciative to have been chosen among many other great STEM leaders. I would like to thank Ignite Arts and STEM for choosing to invest in my education as I graduate from high school and attend Morehouse College to major in Computer Science.

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    Jade Perez

    I'm very thankful for this, and many other similar scholarships, because it allows minorities to have a higher chance at pursuing their dreams. College is expensive and that can be a big obstacle, for many, when deciding what to study or if they should even study at all; therefore, I will always be grateful for scholarships, and the people who have offer them, for taking a bit of the worries a way.