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We believe we can make a difference together. In an industry people love to hate, we decided to be different. Making customers and employees happy is our strategic plan, and our culture is our competitive advantage. At Text-Em-All, we want to do more than deliver messages - we want to make a positive impact. As a purpose-driven organization, you'll discover that we strive to be a joy to do business with, prioritize greatness over growth, and put people above profit.

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Text-Em-All is a purpose-driven mass messaging service that prioritizes a positive impact on the community. The company fosters a strong culture and values, focusing on greatness over growth and putting people above profit. Text-Em-All is committed to being a joy to do business with, offering a user-friendly platform for organizations of all sizes while refusing to deliver spam, political, or marketing messages. The team at Text-Em-All is dedicated to creating a positive work environment, emphasizing compassion, authenticity, and shared excellence. Community is an important part of our culture. Employees receive a week of paid VTO (volunteer time off) and also receive $1000 quarterly to donate to select organizations across areas of food insecurity, diversity, seniors, local, and youth/STEM.