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Scholarships, grants, and award winners for Seamone Family's causes.
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Seamone Family

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To help make a difference in the areas of poverty, inequality, disabilities, and children and families by supporting students as they complete their degrees and thereby create a better life for themselves and their loved ones

Letters from winners

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    jordan cooley

    To the Seamone family, Words can not express the gratitude and thankfulness I feel for being awarded this scholarship. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for this blessing, I am beyond grateful for your family.This scholarship will help fund my summer semester of nursing school, and has alleviated so much stress about finances. I truly have no words to convey my immense thankfulness. I hope one day I can give back to single parents as you all have done for me. You all have changed my life. Please do not take my lack of words as ungratefulness, I am so overwhelmed with feelings of thanks, I am unable to articulate anything other THANK YOU! With the sincerest and greatest of thanks!!

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    Tina Widergren

    Dear Esteemed Seamone Family, Words elude to fully encapsulate swelling gratitude for the miraculous opportunity you have granted through this cherished scholarship. As a single mother resurrecting interrupted dreams of rising above poverty’s grasp, your tuition assistance lifts colossal burden so I may immerse completely in healing studies without fracturing scarce funds further. It is a gift not of mere finances but belief manifest when most needed to propel my family’s destiny. As I pursue a registered nursing degree later in life, each arduous semester balancing work while raising a growing daughter solo tested commitment fiercely. Still, my vision remained clear - breaking generational chains so the strong young woman I birthed may access fuller abundance. When resources barely covered basic necessities despite strict budgeting, let alone additional childcare costs with demanding course loads, doubt and exhaustion wore heavily. But now your compassion stirs second wind to soar unencumbered towards the finish line ahead. My legs gain strength sensing champions standing alongside. Where this education avails lifesaving expertise serving, firsthand experience with addiction and trauma will shape my practice radically as nurse grounded in empathy and understanding for those still battling margins. If I can ease even one suffering soul then guide them to redemption’s shore as others did for me, the strains of this climb culminate in humanity’s higher purpose. No words may equal gestures of faith you have shown in my perseverance, but know ripples will cascade with love and vigor into communities inflicted for want of humble servants passage requires. May my humble hands advance justice and healing. Please accept profoundest honor I will carry the dignity of this calling with utmost devotion to lifting those unseen but intrinsically bonded. Your selfless light fuels destiny as beacons shone onto me.