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Fighting student debt in the Veteran community Despite the challenges of frequent moves and separations, most military children weather those life situations and thrive educationally. Our mission is to provide a scholarship that will reduce the need for student loans for children pursuing a college or trade school program.

Letters from winners

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    Ryan Landry

    Mr. and Mrs. Younkins, I am writing to thank you for choosing my essay to receive your scholarship. It is even more special to me that it was based on the guidance and support I have received from my father. I genuinely believe I would not be in the position I am today if it wasn't for the characteristics that he taught me, many of them he refined and mastered in the military. My goal is to take those traits he has instilled in me and use them to establish a successful career in video game design. I chose Michigan State because they have one of the best video game design programs in the nation and partnerships with many video game design companies. I did not qualify for much in the way of financial aid, so my parents are paying for my education on their own. The scholarship you offered is going to help quite a bit. I am excited that I get to help them pay for my education and that would not have been possible without this scholarship. Again, thank you for choosing my essay. I am appreciative of your financial support for my education and I hope to make you just as proud as I hope to make my parents. Sincerely, Ryan Landry

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    Kamirra Logan

    Mr. & Mrs. Younkins, I am truly honored to have been selected as the winner of the Veterans Next Generation Scholarship Fund. Thank you for not only listening to me and my story but for also investing in my education. My mother and I could not be more grateful for the gratitude shown towards military personnel and their families. Receiving this scholarship gives me much-needed encouragement to continue pursuing my degree and allows me the privilege of being able to focus solely on my studies. I will strive to make the best out of everything given to me and continue to pursue my goal of becoming "a real-life superhero" by using my God-given gifts. Thank you so very much once again! May God bless you.