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Empowering women who want to empower women. We hope to support the education of young women leaders dedicated to advancing gender equality, reproductive rights, workplace equity, women's health, and political parity.

Letters from winners

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    Jasmine Pruitt

    This is my first big win in a while. This past year has been rough and I am extremely honored to be awarded this scholarship. I have spent these last two years of college dedicating my time and efforts to learning more about gender disparity, women's rights, and feminism worldwide while also educating my peers. Thanks to you I can continue to educate my residents on the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion and finish out my degree in IT. Although my talent is in STEM, my passion is helping women find their place in technology. Thank you for seeing my potential and taking the time to recognize my story.

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    Despina Tsacalis

    I have applied to more scholarships than I can count. Being a winner of this scholarship proves that it is possible. It is possible to put yourself out there enough times to receive support in return. This win reminded me that you never know how close to success you are. In all honesty, I had written off any scholarship award months ago. I didn't think I was worthy. Take this as a message to never give up. You are worthy. Stop selling yourself short. Your light will be recognized and celebrated soon enough, as long as you keep trying! Much love to you and your household! Thank you to the Pruett Family for making this a possibility! And to students reading this, keep pressing send! You are worth it, we all are. Warmly, Desi

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    Sofia Sanchez

    Thank you very much to the Pruett family for choosing me as a finalist for this scholarship, it was a great honor to be considered and I wish the winners the best of luck with their educational pursuits.