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    Ariadny Nascimento

    Dear NE1 LLC Scholarship Committee, I am writing to extend my heartfelt gratitude for selecting me as a winner recipient for the spring of 2024. The significance of the scholarship extends far beyond its monetary value, it represents the belief and support towards my educational goals and aspirations. Receiving the NE1 LLC serves a source of encouragement and as a source of motivation to further continue with my studies. Your investment in my education not only alleviates the financial burdens but also instills in me a sense of responsibility to make meaningful contributions to society. I am thrilled to inform that the scholarship money will be used towards my 2024 fall tuition, where I will be starting my Chemistry 101 course. At Brookdale Community College, I am only four more chemistry classes away from graduating with an associate's degree in biology. Recently, on Tuesday, May 7th, I successfully completed Math-151 (Intermediate Algebra) with a grade of A. I am hopeful that this achievement will boost my GPA sufficiently to meet the requirements for Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) membership, a goal I have been diligently working towards. Currently, I maintain a GPA of 3.3, and I am determined to continue striving for academic excellence. Once again, I extend my deepest gratitude for the honor of being selected as a recipient of the NE1 LLC Scholarship. Your generosity has made a significant difference in my life, and I am committed to making the most of this opportunity. Thank you for believing in my potential and for your support. With sincere appreciation,