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Justin Rasmussen

Mount Sinai

Donor since Jun, 2023






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Jun, 2023



To help even just a little with the cost of college education or trade school tuition for kids with learning disabilities and/or an IEP in high school.

Letters from winners

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    Joshua Whitney

    Dear Mr. Rasmussen, First of all, thank you for believing in me and granting me the Individualized Education Pathway Scholarship. This is the only scholarship I have won, so it is very exciting. The $500 award is equivalent to 40+ hours of work for me. I appreciate how it will help alleviate some of my financial responsibility. I think it’s amazing that you are motivated by your brother’s experience to be able to help others with learning challenges. Your brother is lucky to have you. I hope to use it to pay towards my tuition at Winthrop university, although I have not made my final decision on which college I will attend. I hope in the future I am able to pay it forward to other students like myself. Thanks again, Joshua Whitney

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    Ryan Krejcha

    Hello Justin, Thank you so much for choosing me as a finalist for your Individualized Education Pathway Scholarship. It means a lot to me to have been considered, and I appreciate you reading my essay. Even more importantly, I wanted to thank you for investing in autistic potential. I wish you and your brother the very best and hope you enjoy your upcoming graduation! Sincerely, Ryan