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hidejuha kennedy


Hello all, I am Hidejuha Kennedy a 23-year-old from Sumter, South Carolina. I am a 2nd year 1st grade teacher. As a Second Lieutenant in the Georgia National Guard, and a teacher I’m committed to giving back and making life easier for others, dedicating myself to both my students and my community.


My mission with the H.P. Kennedy Scholarship is to empower African American students in South Carolina who are majoring in education. I aim to provide financial support that allows these future educators to focus on their studies and professional growth without the stress of financial burdens. By reducing the financial challenges of higher education, I hope to improve retention rates among education majors, ensuring they complete their degrees and enter the teaching profession fully prepared and motivated. I believe that supporting these students is an investment in the future of education, addressing the critical need for passionate and dedicated teachers, especially in communities that need them the most. With the H.P. Kennedy Scholarship, I am committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of these scholars and the broader educational landscape.